About Us

How we came to be

I’m Rachel (Rae) on the left and that's my bae Keturah (Kay) on the right. Together we created BAES, a plant based (and occasionally pescatarian) food service we use to share delicious foods, health, knowledge, and love!

I’m the chef, while Kay is EVERYTHING else — manager, brains, saucier, menu curator extraordinaire, etc! 👩🏻‍🍳🦸🏽‍♀️

It all started in 2020 when our relationship began and the world shut down very soon after — 2 big reasons to cook! 👩🏻‍🍳 I am always striving to make food exactly how my pescatarian bae (Kay) loves it. And she is forever putting what her vegan bae (me! 🥰) wants to eat ahead of her own desires. Basically, we each have a serious love for food, but an even greater love for each other and every day we shower each other with love through food.

BAES Founders (Rae & Kay); chef, manager, menu curator
BAES Founders (Rae & Kay); chef, manager, menu curator

Eventually we realized we want to share the way we’ve put a healthy spin on our favorite foods (junk foods absolutely included!) with as many people as possible. We also want to spread the word that the earth gives you everything you need for a delicious meal.

Our tastes and style are heavily influenced by the Caribbean (Kay is St Lucian), our travels around the globe, and our curiosity for incredible cuisines from all cultures.

Look out for our coursed tasting dinners, our stand at your favorite markets, and recipes here for delicious, healthy alternatives to traditionally indulgent junk foods!

Thank you for sharing in our journey. We hope to provide you with at least a little health and a little love. ♥️ We have a lot of goals in the food world, so this is only the beginning! 🌎🌱🤗